About Holi Mina Jaya

Holi Mina Jaya started seafood processing business since 1995 in Indonesia. We have distributed our seafood products to Asia, Europe, United States and etc.


With our brand new factory established in 2010, along with EU number, Holi Mina Jaya have successfully expanded our sales with stringent quality control, to meet our customers needs.



To become a leading seafood export company in Indonesia with international acclaim for quality and hygiene control.



To empower our business through:

  1. A professional management team.
  2. An efficient, effective and productive staff.
  3. Ensuring a high standard in the quality of our products.
  4. Delivering good service to meet our customers’ requirements.


1. Frozen demersal fish

2. Frozen pelagic fish

3. Frozen shrimp

4. Frozen cephalopods

5. Frozen surimi

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Phone: +62-24 6716482

Fax: +62-24 6716481

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